we customize WALL DISPLAY SHOWCASES– to make full use of wall structure in galleries, display showcases to stand against/mounted onto/built into solid wall or build-up wall, with wall fabric as enough support to undertake the weight of display showcases and inside exhibits. Applicable to medium, long and large museum objects. The actual design, dimensions and display supporting systems to be customized on demand.


  • Design Type
    Wall-related type, display showcases to stand against or mounted onto or built into solid wall or fuild-up wall.

  • Dimension Range:
    Overall Height: 500 – 5000 mm

    Overall Length: 500 – infinite mm
    Overall Width: 500 – 2000 mm
    Plinth/Base Height: 120 – 800 mm

  • Glass sides:
    Usually come with 3 glass sides or 4 glass sides for visible display. Clear display space to be built by invisibly bonding ultra clear glass panels together, with 45° mitred joint. Glass to be laminated glass(5/6/8+1.52+5/6/8 or 5/6/8+0.76+5/6/8mm), opti-white glass with low iron content or non-reflective glass with reflectivity not more than 1% and light transmittance over 98%, in line with BS EN356-P6A, the highest safety criteria for museum glass.

  • Skeleton
    Tubular steel 40*40*2mm or 50*50*2mm and 100*50*2mm, low iron structural steel, seamless welding and powder coated finish.

  • External Cladding
    Externally cladded by 1.5-2.5mm steel panel in powder coated finish, or lacquered ZF-MDF panel or solid wood panel

  • Material Criteria
    Internal display space by inert and eco-friendly materials with no harmful VOCs released, to be certified by authoritative testing laboratory.

  • Air-tightness
    Dust-free structure and air-tightness between display space & external space to be minimal, not more than 0.1/24 hours

  • Lighting system
    LED spotlights, LED stalk lights, LED light panel, no IR/UV radiation. Adjustable and dimmable, manual or remote control.

  • External Finish 
    Powder coating finish on all the metal or painted/lacquered finish on ZF-MDF/solid panel.

  • Mini-climate control
    Independent mini-climate control system, or silica gel cassettes for passive system or electronic machines for active humidity system

  • Security System
    Two-staged locking systems with master key, additional security option by alarming system.

  • Auxiliary System
    Glass shelving system with adjustable height and enough load bearing, or solid display pledge by steel or ZF-MDF or Forex panel.

  • Access System
    ① hinge mechanism for swing opening ② pull & slide opening system ,  manual or motor-driven or wireless control