Project Info

Boutique Exhibition, Palace Museum

The Ming and Qing dynasties were the very period when ancient women paintings were developing at an unprecedented rate. The amount of women painters and that of their works as well as their artistic expression through painting languages all surpassed the performances of women painters in other dynasties.

  • Client

    Palace Museum

  • Category

    National-class Museums

  • Start Date

    Mar., 2019

  • End Date

    Aug, 2019

  • Project Value

    CNY 3M

  • Location

    Beijing, China

Project Description

Boutique Exhibition, Palace Museum. The Palace Museum attaches great importance to the acquisition of ancient women painters’ works. Through channels like purchase and donation, the Museum collects over 250 works of the Ming and Qing women painters, among which many are representative works of key women painters. This exhibition displays 42 representative works of 27 women painters in the collection of the Palace Museum and gives a glimpse of the basic features of ancient women paintings in China.