Display Showcases for Beijing Winter Olympic Game

ZUBO supplied and assembled display showcases for the exhibition hall for Beijing Winter Olympic Game 2022.

Display showcases for ancient lighting fixture,Palace Museum

ZUBO TECHNOLOGY installs display showcases for th exhibition of ancient lighting fixture,Palace Museum

Receipt Inspection by Palace Museum for Solid Wood Display Showcases

Receipt inspection by Palace Museum for display showcases with solid wood panel as external cladding.  

display showcase installation for Archive of China

ZUBO assembles and installs tailored display showcases for Archive of China.

curved display showcase by ZUBO for Anhui Museum

ZUBO tailored numbers of curved display showcase for Anhui Museum. The overall height of these curved display showcases is 4000mm and the pull&slide opening system is supported by wireless remote control terminal.

Display Showcase Installation for Landscape Museum

Professional display Showcase Installation for Landscape Museum. The large freestanding display showcase is 8000mm Long x 5000mm Wide, a challenge but a successful job finally.  

showcase installation at National Museum of China for the British Exhibition

Display showcase installation at National Museum of China for the British Exhibition. All the display showcases were reuiqred to meet the most critical criteria from the British museum.

museum showcases and retail showcases?

What’s the difference between museum display cases and retail display cases? 1:Difference one: different end users The end users of museum display cases are usually museums,art galleries,archaeological institutions,memorial halls etc.; the end users of commercial/shopping display cases are usually supermarkets,stores,shopping centers. 2.Difference two: different application Museum display cases are custom-built for protecting,conserving and displaying priceless

ZUBO for Museum Quality Only

ZUBO only supplies museum quality of display showcase systems which are an integration to embrace glass display showcases as well as the supporting display system like access system, shelving system, illumination system, alarming system, climate system, audio and vido system etc. Much different from commercial display cases,retail display cases or outdated traditional display cases that