What’s the difference between museum display cases and retail display cases?

1:Difference one: different end users

The end users of museum display cases are usually museums,art galleries,archaeological institutions,memorial halls etc.; the end users of commercial/shopping display cases are usually supermarkets,stores,shopping centers.

2.Difference two: different application

Museum display cases are custom-built for protecting,conserving and displaying priceless museum objects; commercial/shopping display cases are built for shopping,marketing.

3.Difference three: different safety&security

Museum display cases ensure absolutely top safe and security by the complex safety and security building and system; commercial/shopping display cases come with no safe and security because of its lower cost and simple construction.

4.Difference four: different micro-climate surroundings

Museum display cases are equipped with advanced micro-climate system to ensure purified display volume,controllable humidity and temperature to meet same original surroundings when artifacts were excavated;commercial display cases/shopping display cases contain no any micro-climate system.

5.Difference five:different tightness

Museum display cases are customized to be sealed well,with minimal air exchange rate between internal display volume and external atmosphere to prevent external pollutant from entering into internal display volume and keep right micro climate; commercial/shopping display cases not consider air exchange or airtightness;

6.Difference six:different materials

Museum display cases are custom-made by custom eco-friendly and inert materials; commercial/shopping display cases are made by simple materials.

7.Difference seven: different control system

Museum display cases are controlled by advanced and safe controlling system, smart remote-control system; commercial/shopping display cases are operated manually and simply.